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Grails AJAX tutorial - formRemote and submitToRemote tags

The tag formRemote is easy to use. If you have an existing form that is not using AJAX, it can easily be converted without requiring any change in controller code.

Grails AJAX tutorial - remoteFunction tag

The tag remoteFunction is one of the most powerful tag in Grails. Because of it's simplicity and flexibility, you can use it as building block for building complex interface behavior. Check out also my post on remoteLink tag as they share many similarities.

Grails AJAX tutorial - remoteField tag

The remoteField tag is a simple tag used to render a text field that sends changes to it's value back to the server. Simple usage bellow:

Grails AJAX tutorial - remoteLink tag

Grails is a very nice platform to program AJAX applications. It supports the feature out of the box. The API is very simple and easy to grasp where you only need to learn the 5 basic tags: